Ciao Firenze!

City is all dressed up for Christmas, so lovely. Lots of American families arriving for thanksgiving week with their study abroad kids. We will miss your charm, beauty and lovely doggies! We had a lovely time! Grazie!

A walk through the roses in Florence

On Wednesday morning we went for a walk up and through the Rose Garden to the Piazzalle Michelangelo. It was a misty, rainy day but still beautiful in its own way. The garden is set up in terraces on the very steep hill that leads up to the Piazzalle.

Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo – the Duomo Museum

Wow the museum for the Duomo is an absolute treasure and I think it is just an afterthought for the majority of visitors to Florence. It really is a beautiful museum, well planned and the architecture and organization is wonderful. Here are some of our photos…

Archeological Museum of Florence including its Egyptian and Etruscan Museums

Today has been a cold and rainy day, perfect for spending hours in the archeological museum which was quite the treasure trove of things found, bought, donated, borrowed, and stolen from others, or “saved” “interpreted” and “preserved”. Well it was pretty amazing and we learned a lot! And then we connect to the Egyptian portion…

Santa de Maria del Fiore – Il Duomo!

Yes another beautiful church, well we are in Florence 😉. Yesterday afternoon (Monday) we had tickets to the most famous one in Florence – Santa de Maria del Fiore (of the flowers). But I chickened out and did not climb the 463 steps of the teeny tiny staircase to the top of the dome, but…

Santa Maria Novella

We arrived back from Fiesole and visited this church which is right beside the train and bus station downtown. We can see the top of the facade of the church from our hotel window. Beautiful sunset we enjoyed from inside the courtyard of the church. Santa Maria Novella Church


We took a bus to Fiesole today to see the Etruscan and Roman ruins and the view of Florence. Had a lovely lunch in the Cafe at the ruins.


This morning we enjoyed the Accademia. Michelangelo’s masterpiece David, the various statues of the Prisoner and a top floor full of gorgeous painted wooden triptychs.